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We always need financial help for new dogs coming into rescue. New dogs need to go directly to the vets to be treated for any illness they may have picked up in a shelter as well as to be tested for heartworm disease and intestinal parasites. Once the testing is completed, they are vaccinated and altered before they can go on our website for adoption. At any given time, we generally have just as many dogs "in the preparing for adoption" stage, as we have available for adoption. Initial costs of rescuing a dog from a shelter costs on average $200 for immediate vetting - and that is if there is NOTHING wrong. Most cases, the animals come down with some sort of respiratory infection, heavy parasite loads leading to anemia or other conditions. Mange is always a concern as well as heartworm disease. Treating a heartworm positive dog could range from $250-$1,000 (depending on the level of severity.) By the time a animal is ready for adoption, we generally have on average invested into their care from $300 to $600 (once again, if nothing is seriously wrong.) With your help we can give our dog’s their Best Life!!! 



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